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Can you risk your staff not having everything they need at their fingertips when disaster strikes?

Keep it simple!

Our app is clear, intuitive & always with you.

It is going to be stressful when the call comes in that something has blown your business off course. There is no time to look for the handout you were given when you joined, this is time for action. Pick up your phone, access the app and so begins the return to operation - simple.

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Why choose Us?

Our solution puts all the information needed for a successful return to operation where it is needed most - in the hands of your staff.

However you are organised, our onboarding teams create a bespoke admin area just for your organisation's private use

More than numbers

Our central management suite lets you store as many pdf documents as you wish and select which ones go to each user.

Data is stored securely on the device, it updates only when it needs to - no network? - no problem! - the info is on hand 24x7

Mass notifications

Employee safety and ability to contribute is crucial information you need when planning any recovery operation.

Send voice messages, SMS or push notifications to all staff, a team or individual and track the responses - all from the app.

InformationThe right information delivered to the right people

Staff SafetyBroadcast a message - track who responds in real time

LocationDirect your staff to the disaster recovery site

securityControl access through your bespoke central management console

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Fully functional, access ALL app features trial. Our support team create your private admin console, assist in on-boarding your test data and are on hand 24x7 to assist so you can feel the power of the app first hand.

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